Travelling Europe through the medium of Ice Cream.

Now as some of you know and most of you can guess I really like Ice Cream. And by that I mean I  really really like Ice Cream. Among my friends I’m always the one choosing the weird flavours, for example my cone will contain rosebud and Chilli ice cream whereas others will have vanilla and strawberry.
I’ve also done my fair share of travelling around Europe at my young age of 17, at least I’d like to think so 😉
A few places where I’ve definitely eaten this frozen delight (excuse the cheesy expression) and that have left an impression are Germany (obviously, since I live there), France, the UK and of course Bella Italia.
Germany’s association with Ice Cream is not very significant. You wouldn’t come back from a vacation and say “The scenery and the food in Germany was ok but the most amazing thing was the Ice Cream”, if you know what I mean. Germans like their standard, pseudo-Italian “Gemischtes Eis” (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry) without being very adventurous. Yet I still think it is also here where you can find very different and exotic flavours, especially in smaller private ice Cream parlor. In my hometown there are a few places that sell Sesame and Chilli flavours.
In France I had very delicious Ice Cream in Brittany and in Paris. I remember the flavours being very fruity and very vibrant in their colour selection. I also had the best berry ice cream EVER on the French coast, it was une boule de crème glacée à saveur de framboise, or Raspberry flavour for all you Francophobes 😉
Now, you know how much I adore Britain. I really do. But their ice cream isn’t that brilliant 😉 It’s nice, of course, and if you handed me some at any time I wouldn’t refuse, but it also isn’t anything to write home about. But there is one thing that is so British and also really nice: The 99. In case you don’t know, it’s Vanilla soft ice with a chocolate flake. It’s lovely and brings back soo many memories of walking down the British seafront, ice cream dripping on to sand, pushing the flake as far in to the cone as possible to make it last longer,… yeah. I love 99s 🙂
And last but sure as hell not least: Italy, home of gelato.
I love Italian ice cream, it’s the most delicious thing ever! The portions are enormous, the flavours so intense and I also love how they don’t use an ice cream ball making tool (I don’t know what it’s really called…) but a kind of spatula to fill the cones. When I stayed in Florence there was a Gelateria right outside our hotel and they had the most amaazing dark chocolate Ice Cream EVER. Ghaa… it was soo good… 🙂 So if you’re planning on visiting Italy any time soon, go out and find a Gelateria, you won’t regret it!

So that’s it, that was my escapade into European ice cream. I hoped you found it at least slightly entertaining 😉
By the way, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog challenge, that means I will be blogging every day in July! Let’s just hope I succeed 😉 not like the last time.. *cough*

When did you last have Ice cream? Do you love it as much as I do? Where did you have the most amazing Ice Cream you’ve ever tried? What’s your favourite flavour? 🙂

Have a magical day!


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