Travelling Europe through the medium of Ice Cream.

Now as some of you know and most of you can guess I really like Ice Cream. And by that I mean I  really really like Ice Cream. Among my friends I’m always the one choosing the weird flavours, for example my cone will contain rosebud and Chilli ice cream whereas others will have vanilla and strawberry.
I’ve also done my fair share of travelling around Europe at my young age of 17, at least I’d like to think so 😉
A few places where I’ve definitely eaten this frozen delight (excuse the cheesy expression) and that have left an impression are Germany (obviously, since I live there), France, the UK and of course Bella Italia.
Germany’s association with Ice Cream is not very significant. You wouldn’t come back from a vacation and say “The scenery and the food in Germany was ok but the most amazing thing was the Ice Cream”, if you know what I mean. Germans like their standard, pseudo-Italian “Gemischtes Eis” (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry) without being very adventurous. Yet I still think it is also here where you can find very different and exotic flavours, especially in smaller private ice Cream parlor. In my hometown there are a few places that sell Sesame and Chilli flavours.
In France I had very delicious Ice Cream in Brittany and in Paris. I remember the flavours being very fruity and very vibrant in their colour selection. I also had the best berry ice cream EVER on the French coast, it was une boule de crème glacée à saveur de framboise, or Raspberry flavour for all you Francophobes 😉
Now, you know how much I adore Britain. I really do. But their ice cream isn’t that brilliant 😉 It’s nice, of course, and if you handed me some at any time I wouldn’t refuse, but it also isn’t anything to write home about. But there is one thing that is so British and also really nice: The 99. In case you don’t know, it’s Vanilla soft ice with a chocolate flake. It’s lovely and brings back soo many memories of walking down the British seafront, ice cream dripping on to sand, pushing the flake as far in to the cone as possible to make it last longer,… yeah. I love 99s 🙂
And last but sure as hell not least: Italy, home of gelato.
I love Italian ice cream, it’s the most delicious thing ever! The portions are enormous, the flavours so intense and I also love how they don’t use an ice cream ball making tool (I don’t know what it’s really called…) but a kind of spatula to fill the cones. When I stayed in Florence there was a Gelateria right outside our hotel and they had the most amaazing dark chocolate Ice Cream EVER. Ghaa… it was soo good… 🙂 So if you’re planning on visiting Italy any time soon, go out and find a Gelateria, you won’t regret it!

So that’s it, that was my escapade into European ice cream. I hoped you found it at least slightly entertaining 😉
By the way, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog challenge, that means I will be blogging every day in July! Let’s just hope I succeed 😉 not like the last time.. *cough*

When did you last have Ice cream? Do you love it as much as I do? Where did you have the most amazing Ice Cream you’ve ever tried? What’s your favourite flavour? 🙂

Have a magical day!


Life and my Perception of it all.

So, I’m often asked what I think I will do when I’m out of school and all that and to be totally honest I just don’t know. All my friends have clear plans for their future, they know what they’ll study, which jobs they’ll have, they know how many children they want to have, etc. etc.

The only thing that I’m 100% positive about doing with my life is traveling.

I want to see the world, see other cultures, swim in every ocean, stand on every continent, I want to visit historically important places as well as unknown areas, fight my way through rain forests and eat all kinds of food and sleep under the stars with the milky way shining up ahead.

Now I know this will be really difficult, finding the time and the money to do all this but you know, what I don’t understand is people never ever leaving their home town, not having the desire to see what there is to see.

I mean, what ever all the religions say, what if we only live one? What if this is the only chance you’ll ever get at life? What if, what if…?

I think we have to live our lives to the fullest (I know this sounds stupid but it’s true). Grab every moment that life thrusts at you and value it, it could be your last.  Love your life, love your family, see the beauty all around you and help others that aren’t as fortunate, help make their lives better.

So this is what I will answer if anyone asks me what I want to do with my life:
Live life to the limit, love the beauty of nature and of relationships, help others, travel the world and make it a little better for me and for the people I meet.

I sincerely hope I was able to give you a little insight into my perception of the adventure we’re all living and I wish you all the best.


Vienna in a nutshell.

At the start of last month I went on a short trip Vienna, Austria, for 3 days. From where I live it takes about 4 hours to drive there if the traffic is ok.  Personally I love Vienna, not only for the history but also for the grand architecture of this city.
Where to eat?

  • Augustinerkeller  – traditional Austrian Cuisine, very friendly, good food, brilliant atmosphere
  • Café Corbaci – situated in Vienna’s “Museumsquartier” it’s a lovely place to stop by for a “Kaisermelange” (Coffee  with cream) after visiting the most famous museums in Vienna. Especially remarkable: The ceiling!
  • Want a real Viennese breakfast? Try the Café Landmann. It’s right next to the Burgtheater and serves delicious breakfasts. But: it is quite expensive and lots of the customers are quite posh and old and might be a little difficult… You should definetly try their cakes though, SO delicious 🙂

What to visit?

  • Schloss Schönbrunn – the obvious thing to do when in Vienna 🙂 The Palace that was home to the Habsburger Emperors is beautiful and very well looked after. You can get 3 different tour around the place, they’re all good, even with the small tour you get to see the most important sights (like Sisi’s rooms, etc.). You get a free audio guide which is well made and definitely worth recommending. Also: Have a look around the gardens, they are absolutely lovely 🙂
  • The Natural History Museum – First, the building is stunning! It’s a little less impressive than the one in London but it still has fantastic exhibitions 🙂 Really, I would suggest taking a long walk around the city. You will see the most important sites and the city is absolutely beautiful. The funniest thing about Vienna is that you’re walking round a corner in the city and BAM you see a random cathedral or big building. It’s like someone scattered big churches randomly in the city 🙂

Where did I stay?

I stayed at the Downtown Meininger Franz. It’s more of a youth hostel than a hotel but it is very nicely equipped, the beds are comfy, the bathrooms are clean and modern, breakfast was nice (you have to buy it extra though!) and there is a parking garage there as well. It is also quite cheap for a hotel with that location, It takes about 15 minutes on foot to get from the hotel to the town centre.

All in all, Vienna is lovely, the people are very friendly and I would highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area!

P.S. if you haven’t noticed yet I’m a big lover of watching the vlogbrothers on Youtube… so here is Johns Thoughts from Places, Vienna edition 🙂